This application illustrates how an organization can analyze their spending and contracts. Users can analyze procurement through the use of purchase orders, contract coverage, payment patterns, etc. to determine which parts of the organization make their payments on time and have outstanding balances, monitor the status of contracts and important contract dates. Please assume the…

Finance Toolkit

This Finance Toolkit application gives unparalleled insight to finance and accounting departments. Take action and improve your decision making through multiple financial analysis all within one application including – cash-flow, CAGR, break-even, amortization, forecasting, time value of money, Monte Carlo simulations, and more!

Executive Dashboard

This business analysis model is for senior managers to monitor performance within their business, giving them both a high level view as well as the ability to drill down into the granular details of the business. In this example, the organization manufactures fast moving consumables, using a reseller model to distribute its products across multiple…


Analyze everything from accounts and opportunities to sales representative’s performance. Answer questions such as: What are the top 10 closed won opportunities? What stage are the current opportunities in? Is there a correlation between the number of customers and the opportunity value and number won? There’s even a built-in analysis comparing two sales representatives performance!