US Housing Characteristics Data

Qlik DataMarket introduces US housing characteristics data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Easily investigate leading housing indicators including property values, number of vehicles and property age broken down by state. Understand the market and integrate with your own internal data to identify your opportunities and threats; how are households across the US…

Situational Awareness

This demo provides a complete picture of situational awareness around the globe by pulling together data on terrorism, human trafficking and external factors such as weather and economic data. Data sources include 45 years of terrorist incidents from the Global Terrorism Database, human trafficking from the Department of State, and external factors from Qlik DataMarket.

UK Crime

This application contains data from UK Police Forces on reported crime volumes in between late 2010 and late 2016. Qlik Sense uses advanced analytics integration with R to forecast the potential future crime volumes whilst retaining the ability to make selections and interact in real time with the data as a user would expect in…

Opioid Crisis Analysis

Examine the United States Opioid crisis by geography, down to the prescribing physician level. Data from a number of publicly available sources—including Census data, Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Part D drug provider data, and Poisoning death rates from Centers for Disease Control & Prevention—was combined into more than 12 million rows of data.