Analyze everything from accounts and opportunities to sales representative’s performance. Answer questions such as: What are the top 10 closed won opportunities? What stage are the current opportunities in? Is there a correlation between the number of customers and the opportunity value and number won? There’s even a built-in analysis comparing two sales representatives performance!


This demo allows you to visualize your Salesforce data from an opportunity, account and salesperson perspective. Explore where opportunities are in the pipeline, their probability of being won and your company’s overall win rate. Take a closer look at your company accounts and analyze the performance of your salespeople.

Five Minutes to Insight with Narratives for Qlik

Understanding significant drivers of sales performance can be difficult if you’re not conducting the right analysis. The Sales Performance Analysis Application showcases how Narratives for Qlik surfaces insights hidden in data automatically by uncovering the impact of retail discounts and customer satisfaction on consumer buying behavior. This allows users to understand the drivers of their…

Fleet Management

The Qlik Fleet Management dashboard allows a transportation and logistics organization to understand the overall performance of their fleet via Sales Performance, Fuel Efficiency, CO2 Emissions, and Maintenance Requirements. Likewise, it provides visibilty into the effectivness of the operators of the fleet including safety training scores, moving violations, and accidents. The Qlik Fleet Management Dashboard…

Baby Names

Every year the Social Security Administration ranks the top 100 baby names, for boys and girls, by state — including Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution took that information from 1960 to 2014 and, courtesy of Qlik, turned it into an immersive look at popular names through the years. You can filter by decade, by gender and…